We Provide Supported Living Services for Young People

We provide accommodation and support designed to enable young people to develop life skills, confidence and make a successful transition into adulthood.

Thriving For A Brighter Future

Motaryli Ltd provides supported living services, helping young people transition into adulthood within South Yorkshire. With passionate and person-centred care and support, we ensure that the unique needs of every child or young person are fulfilled throughout their journey into adulthood. At Motaryli Limited, we are genuinely passionate about empowering young people and moulding them into well-rounded confident individuals with independent living skills and integrated into society.

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Our Accommodation

Shared Accommodation

We provide shared housing for young people who are ready and capable of living successfully with others. Two to six young people may be accommodated in shared housing. When placing the young people together, a thorough matching criteria is utilised to ensure that they do not pose a risk to one another.
Young people have their own rooms, but bathroom and living amenities are shared. Overnight staff, when applicable, have their own bedroom and bathroom.

Independent Living Accommodation

Our Independent Living Accommodation is designed for young individuals who are not yet ready for shared accommodation. These will be young people who require their own living space and support workers due to their degree of need, which prevents them from living securely with other young people. We provide 24-hour assistance and 1:1 and 2:1 packages of care in independent accommodation for young people who require additional help due to challenging behaviour or other issues.

Our Support

At Motaryli Ltd, we are genuinely passionate about empowering young people and molding them into healthy, inspired, happy individuals, well-integrated into their communities. We understand that every young person is different, hence our services are tailored to accept, support, and groom each individual with their uniqueness while ensuring their safety, security, and empowerment; helping them to live full, meaningful, and fulfilling lives.

Our support comes in the form of training and mentorship programmes that work on various life aspects which include everyday life skills, values and morals, confidence, self-esteem and personal discovery. Beyond skills training we also support young people with a forensic background as well as those recovering from substance abuse so that they fit in and be able to transform to empowered, confident and happy adults.

Our support caters for: